About Us

MJSBioLynx Inc. is a family owned distribution company located in Brockville, Ontario, which was founded in February 1998 with the purpose of providing quality Life Science Research products to Canadian scientists. This venture has enabled us to pursue our purpose of assisting the scientific community to find solutions for many of our health concerns/challenges/threats such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, autoimmune disorders, etc.  Visit www.biolynx.ca for more information.

MJSBioLynx Well Being is a second division that has been created with the intention of bringing personal health awareness to the dedicated health researchers, health professionals and the general population across Canada by creating a portal for understanding the benefits of living a life of balance and vitality.  In addition to providing this website as a personal health resource, MJSBioLynx also provides workshops/classes in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda, as well as a variety of wellness products.  Our hope is to continue to aid life science researchers to better understand and combat disease, while also providing the tools for individuals to take charge of their health and help themselves prevent disease from occurring in the first place.

At MJSBioLynx we recognize that the most up to date scientific research is necessary to treat and prevent the diseases that impact so many of our lives. By providing our customers with high quality and innovative Life Science research products, scientifically proven self-healing and disease prevention tools, along with excellent customer service at every stage, MJSBioLynx can help combat disease from every angle. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the tools to advance both disease treatment and prevention, which will lead to an improved quality of life for all Canadians.

Mission Statement:  To inspire Canadians to live a life enriched with vitality, joy, and prosperity by reconnecting with their unique balance of mind, body, and spirit.


All our classes are taught by
Chopra Center Certified Instructors.
Our Yoga teachers are registered
with the Canadian Yoga Alliance.


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