Interesting Links
Learn more about the Chopra Center programs for meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda.  This site is full of wonderful resources, articles, tips, and inspiration to help you on your path to wellness.
The Chopra Center for Wellbeing provides an online library with information on scientific studies about meditation, consciousness, physics and more.
Hay House is the largest publisher of self-help, inspirational and transformational books and products.
TUT's mission is to remind others of life’s fundamental truths: that life is magical, we are powerful, and dreams really do come true. They do this by spreading the word (through inspirational emails, events, and life-changing adventures) about the nature of reality, the law of attraction, creative visualization, and the power of thought.
DailyOM offers daily inspiration and articles about holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit.
Mindful features articles about mindfulness in life and in the workplace.  They offer free guided meditations and information about mindfulness research.